1. Native type II Collagen is core structural protein and makes joint more resistant.
2. b2Cool the type of collagen used in Condrovet Force HA maintains native form of collagen.
3. Alleviates joint pain and helps to reduce joint inflammation.
4. Proven and trusted brand with back up of various clinical trials and studies.
5. Excellent palatability.


Animal weight

Daily tablets


<5 kg


1. Daily administration for 40 days and repeat for 2 or 3 times per year, depending on the severity of the disease

2. Can be administered daily for 40 days and in chronic cases, can be continued on halve dose for maintenance.

5-10 kg


10-20 kg


20-40 kg


>40 kg



A New Benchmark in Hepatic Disease Management

1.Higher concentration of active ingredients
2. Natural source of SAMe
3. Palatable tablets

1.Hepatic diseases
2.To maintain liver function


1 tablet for 15mg/kg BW
Preferably to be taken on empty stomach

For treatment of acute diarrhea


  • Offers synbiotic combination of pro and pre biotics
  • EU registered probiotic for use in dogs and cats
  • Probiotics come with microencapsulation technology
  • Improves the intestinal microflora
  • Can be used with antibiotics
  • Available in prefilled syringe for ease of administration
  • Faster Recovery from diarrhea
  • less liquid stool
  • less odor


For pups, kittens 1 ml
For adult cats 2 ml
For adult dogs < 19kg 3 ml
For dogs 10 to 30kg 4ml
Adult dogs >30kg 5 ml


Contains:  Probiotics, Prebiotics, Kaolin and Pectin

For repairing the intestinal lining which is damaged due to gut problems


  • Acts on all the 3 layers of damaged gut lining; microflora, mucus layer and epithelial cells
  • Repairs all the three layers which are damaged due to diarrhea
  • Decreases the inflammation of the gut lining
  • Used as a supportive therapy for diarrhea of all origins
  • Also very useful for chronic diarrhea in cats and dogs



a. For cats and small dogs: ½ sachet
b. For medium dogs: 1-2 sachet
c. For large dogs: 2-3 sachets

Innovative formula for improving the skin’s integrity

Topical therapy to improve the skin’s integrity

Contains: Sphingolipids, Hyaluronic Acid


  • Sphingolipids improve the level of ceramides in the outermost layer of skin
  • Improves the lipid layer of the skin
  • Helps in repairing the skin barrier- Prevents entry of microorganisms
  • Decreases the total water loss of the skin- Improves hydration
  • Decreases inflammation and itching
  • Increases the proliferation of keratinocytes and migration of fibroblasts
  • Modulates the immune response


Animal Weight Spot-On
<15 kg 1 per week
>15 kg 2 per week

Multimodal management of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis


  • Helps maintain the inner layer of GAGs in the feline urinary bladder
  • Reduces permeability of inner layer of urinary bladder
  • Reduces exposure to infectious microorganisms
  • L-Tryptophan, acts as precursor of serotonin that helps to reduce frequency of stress related anxiety
  • Reduces serum leptin levels
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and pain


  • The capsule can be administered whole or open
  • The content of the capsule can be sprinkled on the food
  • Easy administration & highly palatable



Body weight < 3kg: 1 capsule once a day.
Maintenance dose: 1 capsule every other day
Body weight > 3kg: 2 capsules once a day.
Maintenance dose: 1 capsule once a day