Denamarin launch

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Vivaldis joins hands with Nutramax, thebiggest nutraceutical company in animal health care having global presence.Nutramax has number of patents to their credit. The company is committed to Research and Development and all products are backed by efficacy, bioavailability and safety trials at leading veterinary schools.  With this tie up, we have launched veterinarian recommended #1 liver support brand, Denamarin. This product contains S-Adenosylmethionineand Silybin A+Band is the most widely researched liver support brand.

The first seminar for Denamarin launch was arranged in association with Pet Practitioner Association of Karnataka (PPAK) at Bangalore. This was a very successful event and more than 80 eminent veterinarians marked the presence for the event.

Dr. K. Jeyraja, Ph. D., Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine Madras Veterinary College, addressed the group on the topic, ‘Diagnosis &Management of Common Hepatic Disease in Dogs’.Various types of liver diseases in dogs, evaluation parameters and their effective management was the main focus of entire session. Session was very interactive and the participants took active part throughout the discussions.