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‘petsmile’, a bimonthly journal published by VIVALDIS, covers the latest developments in canine and feline world. ‘petsmile’ includes latest clinical studies, at-a-glance protocol charts, case presentations, round-table-discussion reports  and many more.‘petsmile’ has covered topics like ‘Small animal Dermatology’, ‘Joint diseases’, ‘Oncology special’, ’Hepatology special’, ’Importance of Immunity’ etc. till date.  And will continue the discussions on canine and feline health issues, furthermore.

thumbnail of arthritis _petsmile _may2017
May 2017: Jointcare issue
thumbnail of Hepatology Special_web
July-Aug 2018: Hepatology issue
thumbnail of Oncology Special_web
April-May 2018: Oncology issue
thumbnail of petzyme_feb 2018
February 2018: enzyme issue
thumbnail of petsmile august 2017
August 2017: Immunology issue
thumbnail of skin integrity
November 2017: Skin integrity issue

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