Black Soldier Protein Powder, Protein source of the future is here


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sustainable source of animal protein
  • Black Soldier fly - non-pest category, approved by USFDA, European Union, AAFCO for use in petfood
  • High protein digestibility
  • All essential amino acids present, additional taurine added for cats
  • Rich in lauric acid & other unsaturated fatty acids
  • Enriched with copper, iron, B vitamins etc.
  • 50% protein content
  • For use in muscle building, protein deficiency, additional protein required during growth & pregnancy, convalescence, for pets not on commercial food


  • Cats, small & medium dogs - 1 scoop daily (5g)
  • Large dogs - 1.5 scoops daily (7.5g)
  • Puppies, Pregnancy, Recovery stage - 2 scoops daily (10g)


For use in cats & dogs