• A highly selective α 2-adrenoceptor agonist, has sedative, anxiolytic, analgesic properties
  • New generation of alpha 2 agonists
  • Aimed at minimizing side effects & maximizing pain relief
  • Induces a unique sedative response which shows an easy transition from sleep to wakefulness
  • Benefit of minimal respiratory depression
  • Smooth induction & recovery
  • Lower patient risk, increased comfort & safety


  • Used as sedative, anesthetic adjunct & analgesia


  • Dosed in dogs based upon body surface area, not weight
  • Recommended doses in dogs & cats are 2.5 to 10 µ/ kg IM or 1-5 µ/ kg IV. (BSAVA small animal formulary part A: canine & feline/ Sedation/ Immobilization protocols)
  • 125 mcg/m2 IM for preanesthetic, minor sedation, short-term procedures, and analgesia
  • 375 mcg/m2 IV or 500 mcg/m2 IM for deeper sedation, analgesia, and minor surgical procedures.
  • Dosage for cats - 40 mcg/kg (0.04 mg/kg) IM (0.35 mL for 4-kg cat). Oral transmucosal administration at this dose produces equivalent effects as IM injection. IV dose is 5-20 mcg/kg
  • Lower doses are used for short-term sedation and analgesia or when combined with other analgesic or anesthetic agents.

Presentation : 10ml vial

For use in dogs & cats