Fipronil 0.25% w/v


  1. Approved topical ectoparasiticidal agent
  2. Broad spectrum of activity
  3. WHO Class II pesticide, moderately hazardous


Spray for treatment of acute infestation of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice


a. 3 to 6 ml/Kg BW (6 to 12 spray pumps)

Indication :

  1. For Prevention and treatment of Fleas, Ticks and Chewing Lice infestation
  2. Controls and Treats Flea Allergy Dermatitis


  • Effective against ticks, fleas and prevents re-infestation
  • Easy and quick application method ensures accurate dosage
  • Acts on all stages of flea life cycle
  • Safe in pregnant and lactating dogs
  • Safe in cats



a. 1.34 ml for dogs upto 10-20 kg body weight

Wash for Ectoparasite treatment

Broad spectrum generalist


Shampoo for effective control of ticks, fleas, lice and mites on dogs


  • Apply sufficient quantity on the affected area, avoiding eyes and ears
  • Allow to remain for 5/10 minutes
  • Rinse the coat thoroughly with clean water
  • Repeat after a week or as directed by the veterinarian