Repairs the skin barrier, breaks the itch cycle


  • Omega-3 reduces inflammation
  • Nucleoforce helps in cellular repair
  • Immunomodulatory function
  • Helps to retain moisture



  • Recurrent dermatitis of allergic/infectious origin
  • To repair skin barrier function in dermatitis



2 ml per 10 kg BW orally once daily, for a minimum of 4 weeks


Innovative formula for improving the skin’s integrity

Topical therapy to improve the skin’s integrity

Contains: Sphingolipids, Hyaluronic Acid


  • Sphingolipids improve the level of ceramides in the outermost layer of skin
  • Improves the lipid layer of the skin
  • Helps in repairing the skin barrier- Prevents entry of microorganisms
  • Decreases the total water loss of the skin- Improves hydration
  • Decreases inflammation and itching
  • Increases the proliferation of keratinocytes and migration of fibroblasts
  • Modulates the immune response


Animal Weight Spot-On
<15 kg 1 per week
>15 kg 2 per week