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a biotechnology company specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of biomolecules for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries.  Bioibérica was founded in 1975, in Spain and began to do research to produce Heparin, a biomolecule of great biological and therapeutic value, which is extracted from tissues of animal origin. Gradually, Bioibérica became specialized in the production of heparin and other biomolecules for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agricultural industry. Now, 20% of the Heparin produced in the world is manufactured by Bioibérica. Over the years, a firm commitment to science and technology has consolidated their leadership as a producer of Glycosaminoglycans, in particular, Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid and Glucosamine, as well as Heparin. Bioibérica also specialises in other active ingredients such as Amino Acids, characterized Peptides and protein Hydrolysates. Bioibérica has now over 100 products designed to improve human, animal and plant health and are represented in over 65 countries. Bioibérica works on the principle of bringing ideas to life.


Catalysis S.L. was founded in 1989 in Spain. It has been involved in research and development of products in human and animal pharma, cosmetics and nutrition. Molecular activation technology has enabled Catalysis to manufacture products which are based on the latest discovery of beneficial effects that antioxidants have on free radicals and at the same time stimulate the body’s immune system. This technology was developed at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Spain, Madrid. It is the third largest public institution dedicated to research in Europe. Catalysis S.L., our partner, has collaborated with the CSIC and has commercialised this technology to create a most novel product basket. This is the FIRST TIME that products manufactured by this technology are being introduced in treatment of companion animals. Unique benefit is that these products are free of side effects and have a very high safety profile. The products are manufactured at their facility which is European Union standards compliant.

Rx Vitamins

Rx Vitamins for Pets is an innovative nutraceutical company based in USA, providing veterinarians with novel formulations designed to enhance patient outcomes. Since 1998, Rx Vitamins has set the standard in the development of a wide range of scientific formulas that provide the veterinarian with a wide choice of treatment options to complement the conventional care of companion animals.

All products are manufactured in NSF audited facilities
Rx Vitamins is a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)
Rx Vitamins is also a proud supporter of the Veterinary Cancer Foundation.

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